last week my big sister and i took a last-minute-decision road trip to one of our favorite places, strawberry reservoir. it was incredible, and then some of our relatives surprised us and joined us up in the mountains on our little trip. i was thrilled, i've missed my family so much and love it when i can spend time with them. sometimes i think i take for granted how great they all are. one of the nights when everyone was up there,  i looked around at us all together sitting on the shore and thought, i couldn't be any happier right now. seriously, i really am one lucky gal to beable to call them mine.  isn't it funny how as you get older, you value your family more and more? i mean, of course you've always loved them, but just in comparing the teenager-year's priorities to now. you know what i mean? well, these are my people, and i love them. 
& i've noticed that the closer september 28th comes, the more overly sentimental about my family and friends i become. it's pretty weird ... i mean, who is this girly girl? i don't know her... all nostalgic and actually cries during movies now ... what is this? & it's only six weeks until i leave, i can hardly believe it. it's crazy to think that i will have waited for five months since i've gotten my call by the time i leave. five months. & they have been the longest and hardest but at the same time the best and the happiest too. wow, i really am a girl. the mission process has been a roller coaster, but it's finally starting to get close and feel real. i can't even express my happiness and excitement when i think about it. 

can't wait.

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  1. Love all your artistic skills you little artsy missionary