the 4th.

i just had the best night of my life.

first of all, it was the 4th of july. the 4th is my favorite holiday and my absolute favorite time of year. i love the 4th. it's in the summer AND there are fireworks ... on top of that, the strawberries and ice cream all around? well, this year i got to spend my 4th here:

the white house 

pretty fitting right? i felt so american. thanks to some connections, we were invited to attend the white house independence day celebration. it was so much fun, i can't even explain how great it all was. everything we saw/heard/experienced was unreal.
well on top of all the celebrations, somehow i was completely unaware of who would be preforming that night on the white house lawn. when we arrived guess who was on the stage preforming? brandi carlile.  she was brilliant, that girl's got an amazing voice. she played such a great set & even threw in some johnny cash covers. i thought "this is the best", and then it got even better. 10 X better when i heard the melody of a familiar song coming from the stage. 
my sister and i looked at each other, "no way!"
yes. the killers were there!!! i almost died of happiness, they are my favorite. i ran up to the stage, and started singing along. the crowd only contained bout 200 people, so i made it up to the very front row easily. the stage was touching my stomach, the band was as close as my fingertips. i could see the sweat dripping, all the action, & everything. it was unreal, the killers have forever completed my life. that's how great it was. but for the first 10 minutes they were playing I just kept saying "oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh",  grabbing strangers arm's next to me and screaming. I lost it.
they opened up with "human" & played 10 or 12 other songs. they played most my favorites, & if you have ever seen one of their shows then you know that they are incredible live. i was blown away. brandon flowers is a genius. & it was such a fun show too, you could tell that the band were enjoying themselves just as much as we were. but who wouldn't want to play a show on the white house lawn on independence day? incredible night. 
they ended with a jam up of "God Bless America/Read my mind", (which was so cool) & after brandon flowers thanked the crowd & he gave out some high fives & smiles.  guess who got a high five & smile? i did. i love them. i love him. 
hands down the best concert i've seen. to top it off, the night ended with the national capital's firework show. it was a huge firework show too, & you know how much i love fireworks, so i was in heaven. what a night. i am so grateful i had the opportunity to go and experience all of it. I'm still overwhelmed by how amazing it all was. never going to forget this night.

brandi carlile
brandon flowers
mark stoermer

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